Friday, August 5, 2011

Managing the Druk Superstar Show… Sweet Nightmares

There is little more than one week left….yes one week. I hated the time I spent cajoling, persuading and arguing with the organizer, crews and the contestants. Now, it is getting over, it is making me little nostalgic.  
The reality show Druk Superstar is coming to mature end on 14th August. Around 28 people came to the stage hoping for Superstardom.  Hopes of 22 contestants are dashed like ships dashed into pieces against the rock. Only six people are hanging onto thin rope that has miraculous power to pull up only one. This Sunday on 7th August another one must go…only five can sing their way  till the Grand Finale.
Most of the contestants have their names associated with the local albums. Probably, that is why organizer named the show as “Superstar.” I must assume  that they are already stars vying for superstardom. Frankly, I have never seen or heard any one of them before the show.  It was weird that I had to handle the supposed stars as my first assignment after joining Bhutan Broadcasting Service. Despite my ignorance of Bhutanese Entertainment Industry, I was smoothly introduced to their egos. Floor Managing is little more than ego managing.
Contestants are also like children asking to visit washroom and to do this and that trivialities. With their tricky smile, I couldn’t refuse them as long as online director didn’t blare into microphone. With organizer came another package; this package is little more difficult to carry. Keeping company’s ethics on one side and meeting organizer’s demand on other side feel like a rope in the tug-of-war. My seniors told me that this organizer is direct and better. I don’t know yet. I haven’t handled any other reality show.  I only learnt from seniors that he is famous local actor-turned director turned producer.
Managing the crews is little better. I can always scare them that I will report to company’s management for failing to do their duties. However, when they segregate their works, it becomes difficult to co-ordinate. All of them are my senior. Some have been working for 15 years. A naïve guy right out college telling them to do this and that don’t usually go well.
Anyway, I have to chew my share even if it is stone. I am trying my best despite my worst knowledge on managing the reality show. Till now there was no major setback despite few defamation suit threats, copyright infringement suit threats and advertisement miscarriage warning from BICMA.  Now the show is coming to an end, I am getting little tipsy. Probably, I am drunk with attachment to the show.
Anyway, the show must end and another must begin. On 15th August, coinciding with our neighbor’s Independence Day, Bhutan Star’s organizer is launching the third session of Bhutan Star.
I am readying myself to face another storm of human nature….. that is ego.   


  1. haha...all the best future director with the show... m sure you can handle the next reality show as u have been doing the present one... best wishes :)

  2. I don't really think it is gud idea to make many enemies of of hidden faces by managing the show.