Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Modern Love story

‘I love you. Don’t forget me,’ she whispered into his ears for the hundredth time in the last three hours.  He assured her for the hundredth time that his love for her was true and only the death could separate them.  Both of them seemed to mean what they said. They believed that they couldn’t live void of other’s existence at least at the moment.
The cold winter wind was splashing in their faces. Their hands and faces had almost become numb with chilling cold. They didn’t bother the cruel evening wind. They didn’t bother the approaching dusk. They didn’t bother the ominous barking of street mongrels. They were just lost in presence of each other.
‘let’s go home darling,’ Thinley said rubbing his hand against her to keep both of them warm. The giant   pines around them seemed like enormous deities protecting their romantic endeavor.  
‘Stay for five more minutes. Why are you in such hurry?’Wangmo chided her would be husband (at least she let him feel at the moment). They had been here for more than three hours. When he suggested about going home, she pleaded to stay little more and when she suggested, he pleaded for little more time.
Wangmo rubbed her gentle face against Thinley’s face. Then they kissed it gently. The kiss grew stronger and stronger. Both knew where it was going to end. Their eyes searched for convenient spot three steps away. They didn’t care about passerby. After all, who would see them in a compromising posture in the dusk behind the bush? After fifteen minutes, the deed was done with groan and murmur of endearment.
As they departed later, they promised that they would love each other forever.  Wangmo went on her way to Jungshina where her husband was waiting thinking that his wife was in the hospital to see sick cousin. Thinley in his novice head thought she was fresh and innocent.
After three months stay in the Trashigang, Thinley married a local woman.  His guilt told him to call Wangmo. He felt sorry for cheating on her and betraying.  Wangmo was so furious on hearing about his marriage to village local girl.
‘I gave my virginity to you. I was faithful to you,’ she shouted.
‘I am really sorry,’ he apologized sincerely.
‘I don’t ever want to see you again. You cheating bastard,’ she said snapping up the phone. 
After half an hour, she was saying the endearment to her husband of three years when he came home from the office.

Thinley still thinks he cheated on Wangmo when she trusted him enough to give her virginity. Wangmo believes that virginity is matter of convincing counterpart.

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