Thursday, August 25, 2011

Reading doesn’t make man perfect………………………..

I have been told in my primary school that reading makes the man perfect. I believed the statement at that stage because I seemed to discover that all men in impeccably clean dresses and those who drove car were educated…educated at least more than I was at that time.
Ignorance is bliss. Thus I was told and I never believe it. That was because my siblings are uneducated. Because of their ignorance, they are poor. They couldn’t support me. I had to struggle to get the education.
Today I am grown up and I am educated at least in conventional Bhutanese conception. I realized that reading never makes man perfect and ignorance is really bliss. With reading, man gains knowledge and sophistication to do what they intend to do but it never make the man perfect. Even the men with most acquired wisdom are never a perfect. 99.9% of the educated men transformed into sophisticated crooks. They get whatever they want at the cost of humanity. The businessman goes onto acquire profit with whatever unethical means they can as long as they can bend the rules without breaking. The world is bleeding and become imperfect because of education. Scientists with their invention and discovery brought hazard to world. The religion with its heavenly teaching killed more people than it could cure. We keep on robbing nature and defying its law.

Supporting the statement that ‘ignorance is bliss’ is not only logical but reasonable too. Ignorance makes us free from worry. We can live at present without worrying about future. Scientists make us worry about future or future generation that may never happen. Scientists disturbed the world and nature with their own invention and make people worry about its consequences. Take a global warming as an example. It is them who paved the ways with various means of destruction.
 Now let me come to the religiously wise men. They don’t keep people peaceful with their talks about after life like reincarnation, heaven and hell. Scientific and religious knowledge are only two wisdoms that take away the bliss from the people. Other knowledges are derivative of these two.

So, my advice…if you want to be happy, we don’t need knowledge. It only makes us worried, increases our desire and dream. With ignorance, we live for today. We don’t have to worry about next fifty years or generation. So be ignorant and blissful.

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