Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Real Druk Superstar

This Sunday, the nation will select one singer as the Druk Superstar out of five remaining contestants. Three male contestants and two female contestants will go all the way out to win the superstar title. Going by public opinion, Karma Phuntsho seems to be favourite closely followed by other two contestants. But twists and turns in commercialized reality singing competition is not new. Anything can happen. For me all the five contestants are talented in their own ways. I must say they really have forte of their own talents.
 For me, none of the five contestants will be superstar. They may win the title but they will not win my heart. An eliminated contestant has won my heart. I am sure he has won many more hearts. He is Tshering Penjor, an amiable and lively man who brings smiles to other’s faces. I didn’t know his heart is golden till he announces that he pledged Nu. 5000n from his Nu.25000 prize money for the kidney patients. His action spoke more than the amount. This action moved the heart of organizer who increased the prize money by another Nu.5000. It moved me to tears. Believe me, till that day I have never cried for any eliminated contestant.
Just after the show, a businesswoman called up to award Tshering Penjor ngultrum 25000. Tshering Penjor didn’t win the title but he won many hearts.

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