Sunday, August 28, 2011

Second Chance In Love

My face has become a sharp trough
For tears that flowed through for a year
Then you came to my life out of blue
And finally I called you my dear.

God must have watched my tear s
Falling freely like showers in summers
And He must have sent you dear
To make my life blossom again.

I was lost in jungle of emotional mess
 I saw no way forward for otherwise;
Your smiles lit my way with light peerless
Like a gift from a man kind and wise.

Your nature is written in my heart.
Your name is plastered on my lips
The happiness is painted in my face
And the bliss is absorbed in my system.

I thank God for sending me, you;
An angel in human form
To wipe off tears when I am sad
To lean on the shoulder when I cry

They say there always is second chance
Which I didn’t believe till now
You are the second chance that I get
And I am happy that god’s gift for me is you.

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