Thursday, August 18, 2011

Writing is a hell of work

The writing is easy? Nay, since I knew how to read and write, I have been striving to write a meaningful line. It is always easy to criticize and comment on other’s writing. We just have to pop out whatever biased judgment we possess to pass verdict on their works. When it comes to jotting down few meaningful lines, it gets struck in the throat. Confusion and hesitation reign supreme.
When I say writing is a one hell of job, I don’t mean any type of writing. If given a topic, I can write a hundred pages non-stop. When I say I can, believe me I can. However, such scribbling has multitude of defects. The bible of good writes-up is lost. Less meaning, thin content, more mistakes and so on. The purpose of shortness and sweetness is lost.
I read somewhere the letter written by the great American humorist Mark Twain to his friend. One sentence caught my attention. ‘If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.’ Many of us believe that if we have more time, we can write more. How many times do we hear students complaining about his essay in the exam? ‘I could write only one page because I didn’t get enough time to write more.’ By this what he really meant is that I couldn’t scribble more senseless things because of time limitation.
For great writer, with more time, they write less. They can abridge, edit and precise the content. They can omit the repetition of content, form and language. Thus, they need more time to write less quality writing.
Since when I was in the college, I tried my best to maintain a blog. As far as I remember, I created as many as ten blogs to write about what I see, feel and think. Each time, it failed miserably as I have nothing to write. My thinking failed me. My inspiration has no expression as I failed in vocabulary and quality writing.
This month too, I created the blog As of now I have two members whose writing I envy. I have posted around five articles which have no significance. Anyway, I am not writing for anybody. I am writing for me. The blog gives me company I cherish to keep. It gives me platform to express myself. In a way, this blog which I intend to keep for as long as I can write is my favourite place, friend and company who listens to my emotions, complains and problems so silently.
I know writing is difficult. I also know that it is not impossible. I may scribble a senseless word, construct an unfinished sentence or compose a meaningless paragraph but as long as I know English and dzongkhag alphabet, I will keep on scribbling.
The hell with the world who think I can’t write

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