Thursday, September 15, 2011

Substances, Tobacco and News Editors

The Tobacco Bill brought storms in the country or should urban Bhutan be the right phrase? Some newspapers conjured many disadvantageous images of ‘Draconian’ Tobacco Bill. One editor wrote many articles supporting their Draconian Theory of The Tobacco Bill under many pseudo-names. Their never-ending editorial and reporters’ ramblings were not enough for the guy. Smokers looked up to them, begging them and praying them for Media Gurus to conjure up the news out of proportion.  More than 90 percent of reporters are heavy smokers. They were only glad to produce one-sided and unbalanced articles from their smoke filled offices. Some reporters said that the smoking relax them after long hours of work.
Many people might not know what was the main intention behind objecting to the nobly intended bill. They have cited that it infringes fundamental rights, increases smuggling, draconian in etc. They forgot to mention that they are among the heaviest smokers in the nation and it infringes their right to vested interest.
The recent arrest of an editor and editorial Advisor seems to speak why they really fight tooth and nail against the Bill. The positive testing of Marijuana takes the image to new level.  People should know better than to trust every word that flowed from nib of their pen. People should analyze if they are the man capable of informing the nation in the name of GNH and Democracy.

People should also understand why there is no spark in media about their arrest. Is this because it is just another case of drug abuse or is it because they have influence and connection in all other media houses?

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