Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2. The Strange Witch

The Garpa (king’s courier cum yeomen soldier) rode to the village on his strong white horse. He came to collect taxes from the people. When he was in the middle of jungle, the horse wasn’t able to move forward. He looked at horse’s rear. He found old frail woman had held two hind legs of horse with her hand. The horse tried to kick old woman but it could hardly move.
The angry Garpa tried to unsheathe his sword to strike old lady. By the spell of old lady, Garpa couldn’t unsheathe his sword. Garpa was frightened. It was surely forest demonness. Garpa chanted mantra invoking protective Buddha. Old lady became dazed for moment. Garpa seized that moment to unsheathe his sword and struck old woman with all his might. Old woman with agility moved away.
Garpa then tapped the horse for full gallop till they came to old discarded temple. He dismounted horse and ran into temple. He hid behind statue of Buddha with his sword drawn by his side. The old witch arrived shortly with her retinue.
 “He can’t go anywhere without horse. He will be hiding somewhere here,’’ screamed the old lady. But she couldn’t see Garpa who was right in front of her. Tired, old lady went away cursing her loss of fresh human flesh.
When Garpa came out of hiding he found his horse was missing. He believed it was taken by old witch.
God helps even those who only pray while in distress.

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