Monday, November 21, 2011

Bhutan; A land of GNH?

I don't understand GNH. I have never understood this noble concept. Probably, this philosophical economy concept is beyond my education to understand. In high school, we were made to to learn the GNH and its concept as delivered by present Prime Minister Jigme Y Thinley in one of the international conference. GNH doesn't fit into my understanding. I sometimes feel confused if GHN is modification of Buddhism.

I imagined that the GNH society should be a place where collective happiness with democratic values are prioritized before individual and political interest. The wholesaler of GNH is losing the battle as the country is face with corruption, crime, unemployment and lifestyle diseases. Perhaps, we were never a shangri-la (except from environmental point of view). Ours was a country laden with religious and political strife since the advent of Buddhism in our country. Today, this GNH originator not the happiest country in the world no matter how it likes to be brand. There is no real democracy. It is only mirage reflecting from the real democracy. There is no independent justice as Bhutanese society is close knit.We are economically weak, independence standing on the  feet backed by another country is never an independent.

Reading Nov 15th Kuensel where a simple driver Tashi Dawa returned Nu. 6.8 million to its owner, my mind faintly refuted my notion of non-existence of GNH in the nation. People like him who are honest, hardworking and compassionate is a proof of GNH without any definitive complexities. 
However, this friday, I went through a newsstand where i picked up the 11th November  Bhutan Observer. Flipping through  the pages, I saw a headline,'when disability has no place in work force.' 

DOR in Trashigang has sacked 10 physically disadvantaged people most of which are injured in the line of duty. Department of Road said that the removal of the workers were keeping in line with observation of National Assembly. One worker Kezangla who served the nation for last nineteen years was sacked with compensation of meagre Nu. 25000. He was injured by an explosive in the line of duty.  He was untrained and unqualified to handle the explosive. Who let him handle the explosive. Was it  his supervisor or Engineer? Was it government policy to milk the milk against the quality of feed he was given. Someone should take responsible for letting an untrained man handling the explosive. Someone one must pay for the negligence. The trauma and physical helplessness without much of his fault cannot be compensated by Nu. 25000.The National Assembly also need to look into the matter before commenting on work productivity.  They just can't forget the lesser luck. All in all, GNH nation must be able to look after its poor, its illiterates and its disadvantaged. There should be some system where children of lesser God is accepted and looked after by the society.

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