Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Buddha Point or Sex Point

The completion of construction of Budha Dodenma statue at the Kuenzang Phodrang may be delayed due to the lack of fund.  The organizers have done all they could looking for funds. In history this could be the first time that the Buddha is in dire need of human help whereas conventionally human beings need Buddha’s help.
Meanwhile the Buddha has seen many things that are happening in and around the Thimphu starting from Royal Thimphu College to Dechenphug. In his abode, he would have turned his eyes and the attention away. But at Kuensel Phodrang!!!! Oh poor Buddha!!! He had no choice but to be witness of all, be it robbery, rape, cheating, gang fight or sexual rampage. He has to smell every odour be it condom under his nose, drain water or human excretions collected at the Olakha. One can only pity the helplessness of the Buddha who is erected to bless the believers and tourist agency with empowerment and money.
Meanwhile, the lovers who want to enjoy away from the prying eyes and the sexual partners who need one stand away from their partners, make the haven out of this place. If you are there for dry picnic or for leisurely walk, you could see plastics, wastes and condoms as if they are doing to insult the helpless Buddha.
I wish this Buddha is made of flesh and blood instead of cement, stones and iron. So that Buddha can insert cotton into his ears when there is rowdy noise, so that he could close his eyes while lovers are on sexual rampage and so that he could cover his nose when he smells the sexual leftovers, human shits and other smells.
As of now we can only pity the poor Buddha.

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