Monday, November 21, 2011

If You are Caught Lying...Lie some more......

I have heard somebody saying, 'if you are caught, lie some more.' In the school and home, i was taught that honesty is a good policy while i have observed that the dishonesty is a good politics. I don't know whether lying is a sin because i have never remember going to a hell. On other hand, lying gets one rewarded at the cost of wrongdoings.
if you are first time liar, it is natural to feel guilty. DON'T WORRY!!!  just lie for the second time, your guilt will decrease. By the third lie you tell, you will feel excited and most often rewards will come showering. There is no excitement like lying. 
Tshering, a conman from Mongar feels that without lies his family of five would have starved. He started lying after  knowing that he will get what he wants. With first lies and fake tears in eyes, he sold his copper ring at Nu. 10,000 to a sympathizing and innocent stranger. He told the stranger that he was in debt after death of his wife. The selling of ring was only way to repay it.

Pema, a student from Thimphu always lies to her parents whenever she wants to meet her boyfriend. She makes her girlfriend call her asking her to come for study together. After that she rings up her employed boyfriend and goes for joyride to either Bhudhha Point or  Sangaygang. To avoid with collusion of parents and siblings on the way, she sits at backseat. Once she tried telling truth to her mother just to receive lecture for hours.

Like them, many feels that lying is necessities  to an extent.


  1. ha ha thanks for your beautiful line here la...really enjoyed