Friday, November 11, 2011

Should Animals be saved from Butcher? Yes but not by buying animals.

Animal Saving Groups in Bhutan put all their efforts and money on the line saving various animals that are lined up to be slaughtered. They started the initiative as a group of compassionate and Buddhist people who believe that killing animal is a sin and saving is noble action which will help them in accumulating the merits which in turn will help them in their long journey to next birth and longer journey to nirvana. It is interesting to see the religion playing noble role in society like Bhutan.
Many people donate to noble lifesaving cause? With money they (animal savers) earned many animals are saved from the blade of butcher. But are they really saving the animals in general? As long as the meat consumers go on increasing, the animals will be killed. There are always substitute kills for the animals saved. For example, the ten animals are saved at Punakha? Where will the meat for greedy consumers come from? Jaigon or some other places. The animals are killed anyway.
The compassion we have for the to-be-slaughtered animals is misplaced. We saved the animals paying hefty amount to the owner. He felt happy and went home. After two to three months, that same guy will come to the animal savior with frail and weak animals which are not worth more than a dime. The animals’ lovers will feel more pity on the animals and pay him the hefty amount. The greed in human is unlimited. So the animal owner will think from business perspectives. He will come to the animals savers and threatens to kill the animals if not saved. Thus the business of life saving is both lucrative and merit-gaining.
The saving of animals through money is too shortsighted in nature for such a great intention. Instead, the animal saviours must think of educating the people from religious and health perspectives. Tell the consumers and people why animals shall not be killed. Tell the people the hazard of meat and how nutrition is available even in vegetables. Lobby the policy makers and tell about the precious animals’ life.
In the end this is just a humble opinion.

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