Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Deputy Chairperson of National Council, Dr Sonam Kinga launches the website

Till now, the enthusiastic cyber intelligentsias in Bhutan have been zealously following the Hon Opposition Leader Tshering Tobgay’s blog. Some shared their views and opinions whereas some just commented to show their irritable attitude enjoying anonymity in the cyber media to lambast the government and the leaders they despised. Opposition Leader’s blog has given the new crop of Bhutanese people the platform to view their opinions. They are given the access to hear the alternative views from the pens of dynamic opposition leader. On the other hand, opposition leaders know the hopes and dreams of both supporters and detractors. Now we have another blog to read from another great and dynamic upcoming leader of the nation.
Coinciding with the Birth Anniversary of the King and the Bhutanese new year, Dr. Sonam Kinga, the Deputy Chairperson of the National Council launched his blog , ‘Sonam Kinga…because alternate views matter.  His first two posts ‘keeping money out of politics and the politics in Shangri-La talk about his views on state funding and politics in Bhutan.  In the prelude to his post, he had prayed for long life of our king and the hope for the people of nation owing to His Golden Rule.
For the zealous bloggers and fans, his blog would be the place to interact, appreciate and suggest with their wide ranging opinions. For the political analysts and supporters, it would be the perfect platform to scrutinize his views and aims. One of the RIM graduates who is also a political enthusiast feels that the blog  might be created to influence the educated lot  and familiarize the generation  next who will be having greater say in 2013 election or next. ‘With this blog, he will be testing waters for his chance in politics,’ he says.

With his vehement opposition to constituency development fund and state funding, some think that Dr. Sonam Kinga is setting the stage to go against the ruling party and the prime minister in the next election. While most feel that going against the current  government under the formidable prime minister will be a suicide, they think, ‘ it will be good for democracy if charismatic leader like him can challenge the like of Prime Minister in next election.’ A corporate media employee thinks Dr. Sonam Kinga wouldn’t win against the party under this Prime Minister but he feels that, ‘Dasho Sonam Kinga is prime ministerial material.’
 Dasho Sonam Kinga may not enter the politics. He may not become the prime minister of Nation in future. But he has definitely found the right way to reach to the generation next voters and intelligentsias through his blog where he shares his ideologies and opinions through his well-crafted writings. Whatever may be, Sonam Kinga’s views matter and will matter if the alternative views ever matter in Bhutan’s democracy and politics.
For those of you who are unaware of the blog, just visit

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