Friday, May 25, 2012

The Politics in Bhutan:Politics in the Pot

In 2012, there will the storm in the political arena of Bhutan as political parties will take it all out to win the ultimate laurel; the chance to govern the nation for five years. Today the dust of political activities is getting thicker as the ominous sign of brewing storm.
PDP is looking for means to exact revenge against DPT that blacked much campaigned face of PDP in 2008. The people considered simple tea from DPT was considered sweeter than PDP‘s Pork and Rice in 2008. There was talk among common people that ‘they likeed to eat what was given by PDP and they liked to listen to what was said by DPT’.   On the other hand, DPT must be planning secretly for  next big win though they maintained that they are busy serving people as now of now.  Leaving part what they said, the theme for 11th Five Year plan is ‘rural prosperity or back to the village’ as DPT knows that the votes from village will be crucial for next election.  In last four years, people of Bhutan understood the politics in its abstract forms. The civil servants changed the outcome of last election but it wouldn’t happen this time. Farmers and villagers can make their own decision unlike last time when educated voters went not only to vote for DPT but also to make their relatives vote for DPT. This time around, DPT must win with promise and influence of its own. Even the phenomenon of JYT will be less as some of his policies received negative review from illogical media and misunderstood public.  DPT must also change some of its candidates who seemed to be non-performing in the eyes of public. However, it is for us to see how they go about when it decides on constituency candidatures once the term for current MPs is over.
Meanwhile two new parties are making all the right noises in front of media, criticizing government policies and developing populist manifestos since two parties have nothing to lose from media scrutiny. For these two parties, every line from the pen of media, good or bad will just give them much needed doze of publicity.  One new party has already changed their avatar as Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa from Social Demovratic Party say it a popular re-dressing gimmick for getting right attention or genuine will to serve the people inclusively.
As of now, the politics in Bhutan has a rare four-pronged race that leaves many questions unanswered.  Will people choose pair of oxen and farmer plowing the field? Is it good enough to plough through unpredictable land of politics with its untested plough combined with untamed oxen? Will people trust the weakened and sick horse to carry their luggage? Will horse gain strength enough to complete its unfinished race? Or will people be lured by beauty of peach blossom whose promises may as short-lived flower that symbolizes the party? Can peach flower wither storm and fruition into peach which taste is unpredictable? Or will it be divine birds which will still hypnotize the lull-able public. Is crane healthy enough to live through the next season? Can crane beat the race horse, manure the land ploughed by oxen so that peach flower can blossom just to be its nice feed?  These questions will remain in the heart of every self-proclaimed political experts and analysts.

Anyway, as of now, I am not thinking about about politics in the democratic container whatever may be the shapes, sizes, form or manifestation as the ends will be decided by general public.  I am just wondering about politics of different kinds where outcome is dictated by one man and his coteries. I am curious about the political game played in organization I joined recently. In the corporation I worked for, the power lies in the hand of one Big Brother whereas all others dance to his tunes. Before the arrival of current Big Brother, the organization was in wreck with power divided among General Managers. He tried his best to clean up the system and brought each departmental kingdom under his firm reign. The efficiency has improved like never before.
Though there is collateral expense to everything foundation of work but in this case the collateral expense is threatening to bankrupt the foundation itself. In pleasing Managing Director, General Manager tried to outwit each other for  they know that MD  can veto every decision  he doesn’t like and make every decision unilaterally.  Worse, the Big Brother is assisted by secret minion and coteries who pleased him to get double promotion and poisoned MD’s ears if others are threatening rise above them.  Now most staff can’t talk freely despite it being a corporate media house as they believed there are many ears even in the wall. On other hands, three or four of the minions got double or tipple promotion as MD internally announced tailor designed post for them in Administration Department.  When I joined the Organization, I was fooled by this outside fa├žade. As realization of reality dawned upon me, I know in this organization, there are some people who are ambitious enough to tear apart the house for a personal gain. Even in my division, there is a guy who shouts from top of his voice that he is only one who works and others are all lazy-ing around. He talked to Big Brother against boss and against us. Funnily, he is not even sparing the innocent intern from his dark propaganda.  Now big brother also started telling us ‘we are not going out if we are inside and we not inside if we go outside.’ I just wonder what we have to do as Marketing Officer is to please Managing Director not achieve the outcome.

So this makes me cogitate what can be nature of politics in the big arena where the prices and rewards are huge when the organization itself is shrouded by the politics incomprehensible with this little brain of mine. As I close my pen, the random thought in my head started fading but the curiosity still remains. What will be the state of grains in the huge pot when the state of grain is so unbearable even in the pot of minuscule size?

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