Sunday, June 10, 2012

Random Feelings on God’s Wisdom

If God gives me whatever I ask
 I will choose to replace him 
Some may choose to be his boss
And others may choose to kill him.
Thus He sits on His grand Heaven
Choosing the boon and bane to grant
So that people can strive hard
To gain the full potential
This lies innate in us unused
Like a coral wasted under ancient African feet.

If God is to be visible like a politician
I may have spit on his face
Accusing him of favoritism and nepotism
Some may have shot him
For non-performance of his task
And feeding on people’s prayer
Like an ogre in the land of Lilliputians.
But God is clever one whoever he is
Getting credit for good things He doesn’t do
Shifting blames of his failure as our own. 

If God were to be changed with public votes
In the system called democracy,
He would have been ousted ages ago
Right now, He would be begging for votes
And thrown His blessings like corrupt leader’s money
But thank goodness, democracy isn’t there in Heaven
And everything is done by Lord’s own choice
With all promises of comfort for your slaves.
I feel Satan sometimes is right
For he says, ‘I will rather rule the hell
Than serve you in heaven.’

If everything is possible as some wise Fool says
Who wouldn’t want to become God?
If everything is seen through scientist’s lens
Who wouldn’t want to see God?
If one were to get an appointment with God
I am sure all people will have complaints.
God you are great as greatness itself
In your political wisdom I believe
To your grand propaganda I salute
For your prolonged rule on heaven I admire.

God, forgive me for I sinned
Speaking against you and your greatness
Forgive my blasphemy and words against you
I am praying you to cleanse my sin
And accept me in your heaven full of grandeur
Please accept my prayer as sincerity
Please accept my bribe of prayer.

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