Sunday, October 7, 2012

I am a busy man this month

Last October, I was quite new in the job. When Royal Wedding was celebrated, I had to go to Punakha to offer Digital Satellite News Gathering services to probable clients who mostly were foreign journalists. At Punakha, I could get only one client because I was too scared to ask if they needed DSNG service. Besides, how could I when I myself didn’t know what DSNG stood for 10 hours earlier. Anyway, I wasn’t recruited to market BBS Services. I was recruited as an producer.
This year coinciding Royal Wedding, I will be a busy man by any standard despite the fact I secretly kept my office works on hold. On 8th October 2012, I will do written examination for the Post of Assistant Manager in Natural Resources Development Corporation of Bhutan. There are two posts. If selected I would be placed in the remote eastern Bhutan overseeing the stone crushing plant. I will be happy in the remote place because I will keep a big jerry can of local ara above my bed. I will connect a small pipe and bring it to my bed so that I can drink directly from pipe without having to wake up in the night when I am Thursday. Anyway, considering system of kidu job (I am not saying corruption and favoritism), I expected to come at least in top five. If I am good enough, I may get the position of first standby.

On 9th October 2012, I am writing preliminary for Post of Executive Secretary for Chairman. Considering my failure to get shortlisted last time, I believe I have improved a lot this despite the fact that I have same marks. I don’t hope to get through but still I hope to be at least in top 10 as only 13 people are shortlisted. The top 10 will be my guaranteed place even considering some kidu marks.
On 12, 13 and 14th October, I have RCSC main examination. Did I tell you I graduated late in 2010 and forgot to register in 2011? Anyway, I will try my best to be among the toppers from bottom.
Then there is a grand finale of a reality show called Labshay Ngenshay which I supervise as producer cum programme director. The Labshay Ngenshay Show is educational show which talks about various issues concerning Bhutan’s socio-political and economic problems. The aim was to promote national language according to the organizer.
Above all, I may become father on October 12th or 13th. The Dragon Baby should be welcomed to this wondrous world whether I am ready or not. I thought I would ask baby to wait at my convenience but then who can go against Time who is all pervading and powerful.

All I can do is declare myself a busiest man of the month on the planet.

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  1. Very Good luck with all your endeavors la, every schedules seems to be very important in your life and all that in the same month, perhaps even on the same week!