Monday, October 22, 2012

In a Candid Chitchat with Tshering Tobgay Opposition Leader of Bhutan

Reporter; You have been opposing this government in many instances like Refugee Problems, Foreign policies and economic policies. Elaborate
OL: Thank you for asking this question. I hope you will add something against government if I missed it. First on refugee issue, bringing them back is like rewarding the criminals and resolving by sending them to third country is making them rich, so government must find other ways.
I object foreign policies because PM and entourage is making lot of money by going outside. Establishing of diplomatic relations with 10 countries in 2012 is not enough. They have to re-look at foreign relation policies.
On economic policies, I have nothing substantial to suggest. All I wish is DPT to lose due to rupee crisis.

Reporter: Can you suggest any alternates to foreign policy and refugee problems?
OL: well, I won’t object to foreign policy if government sends me on official tour abroad. In democracy, everybody in higher rank should benefit. As for refugee problem, I don’t have answer. As an opposition leader, my job is to oppose not suggest alternate.

Reporter: Next election is first approaching. What are PDP’s strategies?
OL: I have given to a consultant firm to develop manifesto. Last time, I asked him, he told me he was looking for a means to get hold of DPT old manifesto. Based on Manifesto, I will strategize.

Reporter: Rumour is that Dasho Damchoe will defect to another party once this parliament dissolves. Is it true?
OL: I don’t have gut to ask him. If it is true, I wish him all the best. He had already done enough for party and me. For party, he fought and won constitutional case. As for me, he did favor by not participating in party presidential election. All I can say now is that if he goes out, I will not have to worry about me being seconded.

Reporter: you are pressing ACC to forward the Gyelposhing case to court. You are dissatisfied with OAG’s statement that case has no legal basis. What is the reason behind such pressure?
OL: As an opposition leader, you are never satisfied. To make changes in society, one should be Prime Minister. I want court to convict Prime Minister because DPT without Prime Minister is like a blind elephant. On other hand, the chance of PDP winning next election depends on disqualification of Prime Minister and other ministers. So ACC should complete investigation and try those in influential posts.
To answer your second question, OAG is government’s legal arm and they will support government no matter what. Anyway, that is what I am hoping public to think. Thanks to media, I almost succeeded. Whether there is a legal basis or not is never the question. It is about what we can make public believe. I also think that with my engineering education, I can understand law better than legal experts.

Reporter: thank you for highlighting the role of media. Which media house is your favorite and why?
OL: The Bhutanese is my favourite media house. It not only listens to what I say, the paper also reaches what I say to people whether it is backed by reason or not. For example, it will write whatever I say in my blog in their paper. Sometimes, even those I don’t say. That paper is also doing excellent job of watch dog. They don’t bark at me because of meat in my side.
Sometimes, The Bhutanese gives me a job while I am idling away. Bhutanese highlighted so much on Gyelposhing Landscam. I grasped the opportunity to defame government though I know it happened some ten years ago.
Therefore, The Bhutanese is not only my mouth piece but also eyes and ears thanks to freedom of media in Bhutan.

Reporter: Lastly, who is your favorite journalist?
OL: By now, you must be knowing.

Note: This is a work of fiction. What OL says is purely made up by the author.

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