Sunday, October 14, 2012

Not in DHI and may not be in RIM

On 10th October 2012, I wrote the examination of DHI for the post of Executive Secretary. The result was out in 14th October. Surprise! I didn’t get shortlisted for VIVA VOCE. Frankly, when I got there, I was in for surprise. I didn’t know exam will be that complicated. It didn’t seem difficult either. How I wished at least I could have seen the examination format and criteria in the web before I went there. I heard it would be like RCSC preliminary exam but it was lot harder.  It hurt my ego not to be selected but then how could you expect to triumph when you didn’t practice. In 2010, I applied for the post of Assistant Analyst when I wasn’t even shortlisted. But this time I was at least shortlisted. Next time, I will be selected. At least that is how I interpret the situation.
On 12th October 2012, I wrote my RCSC dzongkha paper. I wrote essay which wasn’t related to topic. My hand writing sucked and spelling spelled the worse. On 13th paper, GK and English went worse and on 14th October 2012, my third paper was worst of worst. On top of that I couldn’t finish writing. So much for the expectation of friends.
Anyway, I joked with some of my friends that I don’t want to go to RIM because I am getting old. I told them that I don’t want to be with younger people. This leaves me with one last option; the option to make impression during Natural Development Corporation’s VIVA VOCE.

Failing that I would be in BBS for another as a producer who will be compelled to do marketing.

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