Monday, February 11, 2013

Sarim Jarim: My Dragon Baby

Asian especially Chinese believed that those born in dragon years are lucky as the dragon is considered as auspicious in China. We see lots of dragons in Chinese arts and culture too. In Bhutan too, dragon is worshipped as one of the four protective animals that would would ward off evils and bring luck and prosperity. Other three animals are tiger, Garuda and lion. Unfortunately there is no calendar year dedicated to lion and Garuda which comes once every twelve years.
Following the media attention of auspiciousness of dragon year, more people than before planned to have dragon babies who are said to possess passion and will to achieve what they dream. People also believe dragon babies will be full of wisdom and wealth. If that is the case, which parents in their mind won’t want to have the wise, wealthy and lucky babies?  In Thimphu alone, parents welcomed more than 4000 dragon babies.
I too feel proud to be blessed with dragon baby girl. Mine was not a planned dragon baby. Hadn’t it for the baby I would still be bachelor with no responsibilities and so would be my baby’s mother as both of us never wanted serious relation and marriage. Mine was an accidental gift. I was saddened and enraged at first for my carelessness. But after seeing my daughter’s face so fragile and innocent, it changed my attitude and the way I look at the world. As there were some complications just before birth in the hospital, she had to be brought out through caesarian. She was kept in neonatal intensive care unit for a week connected with oxygen tube. Her leg was tied with another pipe so that monster machines could read her pulse. I would get worried to dead if oxygen level fell below 90. When doctor discharged her I  cried with concern that my little baby might not survive with oxygen in the nature.
Today she is almost four months old. Whenever I go near her, she  smiles sweetly. Whenever I look and talk lullaby at her, she  replies in indiscernible grunts looking deep into my eyes. She also likes to smile at new faces. This gives me the sense of fulfillment in life which I didn’t feel since I knew how to think. In a cliché way, she is oasis in desert of life. She is blessing in hell of tortuous situation. She is light in darkness of my heart. She is everything.
On other hand, I am worried for her future. If Thimphu alone has 4000  dragon babies  in 2013, the Bhutan would be blessed with around 10000 dragon babies. The competition among them will be fierce. The future for them will be race as they will compete to accrue fame, name and wealth no matter what it takes. On their race/journey in life, rich families might be able to give wings to child’s imagination, fuel to child’s fire and means to sustain  life’s adventures. On other hand, all I can do is try and give all those equipments she need to succeed in. Going by her stubbornness at this age, I know she would compete in life. Will I be able to push her to a level playing field? If not her dreams will be shattered into shreds like a glass never to be rejoined.

As a father, it also worries me because dragon babies are known to be stubborn, free spirited and overconfident in some cases. During such period, will I be able to make her listen. Will I be able to guide her so that she doesn’t stray into pit of life? It worries me as her father a lot but today she is just four months old. She is just an angel unaware to selfish nature of everything that is in the world. She is just a small girl out of cocoon trying to flap her wings out. She is just a little child who is a Sarim Jarim Yeshey Tshogayl in father’s eyes.

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