Friday, February 1, 2013

The Great Orator of Asian Academy of Film& Television

We were late for Induction Course in the college. The first session was over. Two of us treaded silently into the hall cramped with students from various courses. My friends and I were like lost birds during migration and landed accidentally in India.  Neither of us spoke a word of Hindi. With our broken English, we manage to bargain for seats.
He appeared dressed impeccably in suits, he wore a cool glasses. He was well built middle age man. He was fair man with charismatic smile. The trimmed beard above upper lip makes him more attractive. The deans and professors followed him like an obedient servants. He was our proprietor cum director.
The moment he sits on the table, he quoted Hindi proverb which sent all students ‘wah, wah’ along with thunderous smile. Students thunderously clapped at his every word. Then he started talking in English, “the thing of quality comes at a cheaper prize,” he quoted his own saying. He then went on praising his own college and initiatives. He could really play with words. All students were going gaga over it.
Later when we come outside, third year students and master students mimicked the exact words director spoke with slight alteration like year, batch of students and names of lecturers. We just laughed off thinking that those students might have overheard his speech. They also laughed probably for different reason.
After three years, my batch of students’ mimicked director’s great speech to those new students coming out of induction hall, they laughed. Probably they thought we have overheard director’s speech. We laughed too for different reason. We laughed because we found out that director had been delivering that same speech for more than last one decade.

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