Monday, January 23, 2017

Paro Dzongdrakha : My Visit

Last year, I visited Dzongdrakha with one of my friends. I am very thankful to my friend for taking me there. Dzongdrakha is located in middle of ridge above Bonde and Gebjana in Paro. The place is blessed by Guru Rinpoche in the 8th century. In 14th century, Nenyinpa Lam Kazhi Rinchen Samten Pelzang had a vision of dakini prophesying about the place. He shared this with Drubthob Gembo Dorji and in 1429 A.D, he came searching for place following the river.
When Drubthob reached below Dzongdrakha above ridge near the river, a mute child saw him. As soon as child saw drubthob, child started taking;

Mother, a guest is coming.
Rain is also coming from the hill.
Please collect drying grain from outside.’
Mother was so happy. This place is called Gradranang. Later the name got corrupted into Geb-Bja-Na. Likewise many places’ names around Bondey associated activities of Drubthob.
Drubthob continued his journey and took rest at a small leveled ground. He met a doe (female goat) coming down from Dzongdrakha.  Drops of milk from goat fell onto a slab of stone as if she was offering to Drubthob. He wrote mantra of Bodhisattva of Compassion on stone slab with milk of doe. This place is called Om Mani (from mantra Om Mani Pedme Hum) and later Om Mani chorten was built with slab as main Nangten (treasure). Since goat was used by deity of place Damchen Dorji Legpa (Dorleg), for riding, Druthob took it as sign of being received by deity himself.
While Druthob was mediating there, Guru Rinpoche visited him and gifted him Sheghi Reldri(crustal religious sword  ) with which Druthob stabbed onto the  ridge. The rock in the shape of frog fell in front of Drubthob. When he broke the rock, he found small miniature crystal chorten, relics of Buddha Yoesung and three eggs of rooster. Two eggs flew away.
Later Druthob built a chorten and put all relics as inner treasure. Chorten is known as Chorten Gushid Karmo. Later, people feared that chorten might fly away and was made to desecrate to an extent by sinful people. Now chorten is kept inside Lhakhang and is available for public viewing only during duezang. Drubthob too passed away there. Later few temples sprouted there. During my visit in 2016, two of temples were handed over to Zhung Dratshang.
Today Dzongdrakha annual tshechu starts on 10th day of 8th Buddhist month every year. On 11th day, Paro Tshechu commences and ends on 15th day. On 16th day, Dzongdrakha Tshechu ends. Dzongdrakha tshechu is both beginning and end of paro tshecu. It is believed that without watching Dzongdrakha Tshechu, it is useless to watch paro tshechu since Paro Tshechu is without head or tail without Dzongdrakha Tshechu.  

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