Friday, February 10, 2017

Ten GK Questions for Today

1.       What was the name of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel’s biological son?
2.       Who built Duerong Chorten of Tashi Yangtse famously known as Chorten Kora?
3.       Name the Bhutanese Oxford alumni who wrote ‘The History of Bhutan’?
4.       Who was the man who asked the State Council to elect Sir Ugyen Wangchuck as the 1st King of Bhutan?
5.       Who introduced potato to Bhutan?
6.       How many members are there in parliament of Bhutan
7.       What is maximum number of members can National Assemble of Bhutan have?
8.       Who was Dagana Penlop during enthronement of first king of Bhutan?
9.       Who is 56th Je Khenpo of Bhutan
10.   Who was elected first Chairman of Council of Ministers of Bhutan in 1998? 

1.       Gyalsey Jampel Dorji
2.       Lam Ngawang Lodey
3.       Dr. Karma Phuntsho
4.       Gongzim Ugyen Dorji
5.       George Boggle
6.       73
7.       55
8.       Penlop Tshewang Dorji
9.       Ngawang Thinley
10.   Jigme Yoezer Thinley

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